Toronto Blue Jays-Philadelphia Phillies weekend series postponed

Toronto Blue Jays shortstop Bo Bichette during game against Philadelphia Phillies
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Phillies upcoming three-game weekend series against the Toronto Blue Jays has been postponed, the latest fallout from the Miami Marlins’ COVID-19 outbreak that has rocked MLB.

The outbreak that started this past weekend when multiple Marlins’ players tested positive for the coronavirus and the team played the Phillies on Sunday anyways. Since that day, the Marlins and Phillies haven’t played another game and the ramifications are still unfolding.

Philadelphia Phillies-Toronto Blue Jays weekend series is postponed

Before Thursday’s game against the Washington Nationals, another team impacted by the outbreak, Blue Jays manager Charlie Montoya announced their series against the Phillies was postponed.

While the news hasn’t been confirmed by MLB, it comes hours after a Phillies’ coach and a clubhouse attendant tested positive for COVID-19. The club has tested its players and coaches daily since Monday.

Before the outbreak, the Marlins were scheduled to play the Baltimore Orioles in Miami and the Phillies were set to face the New York Yankees. However, MLB adjusted the schedule so the Yankees and Orioles would play each other this week.

Following the latest postponed series, the Blue Jays and Nationals will now be without opponents this weekend. They are wrapping up their series Thursday and Toronto hopes to receive permission to practice at Nationals Park.

The soonest the Phillies and Marlins could return to the diamond is on Tuesday. Fittingly, they are scheduled for a three-game series in Miami.