Study Reveals Washington Redskins’ Fans Have the Worst Grammar

The Washington Redskins have only won seven games in the last two seasons, making them one of the NFL’s poorest performing teams during that span. Along with owning that horrific record, they also apparently possess the fan base with the worst grammar, according to a study conducted by the Wall Street Journal.

The study was created by Grammarly, who checks for over 400 types of grammar, spelling and punctuation errors. They reviewed 150 comments posted by readers that were at least 50 words long, in the news section of each NFL team’s official website. Upon conclusion of the study, it was determined that the Redskins’ fans made an average of 16.5 mistakes out of every 100 words typed. This is almost 30 percent more than the New Orleans Saints, who finished second to the bottom of mistake-prone fans.

Who sits at the opposite end of the list? That would be Detroit Lions’ fans, who committed an average of only 4.2 mistakes per 100 words.

These are a couple of  examples of comments found recently on Washington’s website after the team decided to keep quarterback Robert Griffin III through the 2016 season.

In one short sentence! Here we go again, a stupid decision by who ever and another stupid decision by me to renew once more my season ticket to such losers!!!!!!

But when a guy plays so poorly as Griffin has and gets rewarded with a big increase to his salary, how do you think other players see the coaching staff and management?  Its just doesn’t do any good for those on the roster that have earn the right to a big payday when one is just given away.

Not only are Washington’s fans in need of some grammatical fine-tuning, they are severely disgruntled as well.

This just shows there is a study for practically everything.

Photo: USA Today Sports