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San Antonio Spurs’ asking price for Dejounte Murray set at three first-round picks

For some reason, rumors have been running rampant about the San Antonio Spurs possibly trading All-Star point guard Dejounte Murray. Such a trade would certainly qualify as selling high, as Murray’s coming off the best season of his young career, but would Gregg Popovich’s Spurs really be willing to part with the franchise’s best player?

Evaluating Dejounte Murray’s trade likelihood

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The idea of the Spurs being willing to trade a two-way stud like Murray has led many to believe such talk is just a smokescreen. Then again, everyone is available for the right price. In this case, the asking price is said to cost three first-round picks, according to Jake Fischer.

With the 2022 NBA Draft in the rear view, the chances of such a trade coming to fruition seem slim. For any team dreaming of acquiring Murray, their best chances to do so likely meant parting with a 2022 pick, since that would offer a chance for an immediate talent replacement.

Of course, teams could still offer other assets that may be equivalent to or greater than Murray’s value, but then again, they may view future assets to be more valuable than what’s already available. If the Spurs are considering a Murray trade, they would essentially be hitting the reset button.

  • Dejounte Murray contract: $16.5 million in 2022-23

There have been whispers that the Spurs aren’t willing to offer Murray max-level money on his next contract, which is set to expire after the 2023-24 season. While that spin could be false speculation, as the Spurs would know best, if that is true, Murray may actually be on the trade block. It’s not hard to envision several other NBA organizations being willing to offer Murray a blank check if the Spurs aren’t interested.

Murray brings an all-around game — scoring, defense, distribution, rebounding — everything. Why the Spurs would actually pull the trigger on a Murray trade is beyond me, but who am I to question the organization that enjoyed a 22-year playoff run from 1997 to 2019?

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