Signed Kobe Bryant ticket stub hits memorabilia stock market

Ever wanted to get a piece of history and not have to exhaust your savings? That can now happen via the Otis investment app and could include Kobe Bryant.

A Black Mamba signed ticket stub from his final NBA game with the Los Angeles Lakers back in April of 2016 has now hit the memorabilia stock market. You can own a piece of it for a mere $10.00.

“The ticket is valued at $31,700 and has a PSA VG 3 grade — only 4 other tickets have ever been graded higher,” TMZ Sports notes.

The memorabilia stock market works like the regular stock market in that you can invest in shares of a product. Once all shares are sold, you have the ability to sell or keep them.

As you already know, Kobe Bryant scored 60 points in his final game against the Utah Jazz five years ago this past April. It was an iconic ending to a legendary career.

Unfortunately, memorabilia relating to Bryant has seen a major uptick in value after he tragically passed away in a helicopter accident in Southern California back in January of 2020. Bryant was just 41 years old at the time of his passing.