Raiders stadium ranked one of safest in the NFL

Raiders stadium NFL safest stadiums Allegiant Stadium Las Vegas
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A recent study by BetMassachusetts.com says the safety rankings of NFL stadiums have put Allegiant Stadium, home of the Las Vegas Raiders, among the safest stadiums to watch a game. The Raiders stadium opened in 2020.

The report evaluated factors like violent crime ratings, total crime index, fan behavior rank, and crime grade to determine the safety of NFL stadiums. The Raiders stadium ranked seventh in these rankings, surpassing many well-known stadiums in the league.

The NFL’s safest venue, according to the report: Gillette Stadium, home of the New England Patriots.

Gillette Stadium holds the record for the lowest rate of violent crimes among all NFL stadiums at 9.36, surpassing MetLife Stadium, where the New York Giants and Jets play. Moreover, Gillette Stadium’s 14th position in fan conduct and a B crime rating (ranking third out of 29) contribute to its top standing. It outshines Lambeau Field, which, despite having the fifth lowest rate of violent crimes (21.81) and ranking second in fan behavior, falls short due to its D crime rating, placing it tied for 12th overall.

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Raiders stadium is among the safest despite the Sin City locale

Raiders allegiant stadium safest NFL
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Situated just off the famed and rowdy Las Vegas Strip, Allegiant Stadium is one of the newest venues in the NFL’s lineup. The Raiders stadium was home to Super Bowl LVIII and earned rave reviews as host to the year’s biggest game. Despite the city’s reputation for its gaming, vibrant nightlife and entertainment, the Raiders stadium offers a secure environment for fans. It ranks ninth in violent crime rate ranking with a score of 35.41 and shares seventh place in total crime index ranking with Acrisure Stadium, home of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and SoFi Stadium, home to the Los Angeles Rams and Chargers.

Raiders stadium safety rankings Las Vegas
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Raider Nation ranks high in fan behavior

Las Vegas Raiders allegiant stadium fans
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Fan behavior also plays a crucial role in stadium rankings and Raider Nation and Allegiant Stadium also excel here, ranking 10th overall.

Despite its rowdy reputation, Raider Nation and its often costume-clad superfans have proven their loyalty may run deep, but they don’t get out of control. While the D+ crime rating may not appear outstanding initially, it positions the stadium at 10th place out of 32, suggesting that it is a much safer venue for home and visiting fans alike.

Comparing AFC West Stadiums to Allegiant Stadium

Denver Broncos nfl stadiums safety raiders stadium
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Among the AFC West stadiums, the Raiders stadium stands out in comparison to its divisional counterparts. Here’s where the rest of the AFC West stadiums rank:

  1. Arrowhead Stadium (Kansas City Chiefs): Ranked 20th overall, Arrowhead Stadium exhibits a notably higher violent crime rate of 63.18 and a lower total crime index of 1. Despite having a devoted fan base, the Chiefs’ home turf receives a D crime grade, indicating lower safety levels.
  2. Empower Field (Denver Broncos): Sharing the 28th spot overall, Empower Field records the highest violent crime rate among AFC West stadiums at 74.14. It also holds a low total crime index of 1 and an F crime grade, positioning it as one of the least secure venues in the NFL.
  3. SoFi Stadium (Los Angeles Chargers): Tied for 10th place overall alongside Allegiant Stadium, SoFi Stadium mirrors similar statistics with a violent crime rate of 35.91 and a total crime index rank of 7. However, SoFi Stadium scores lower on fan behavior ranking (24) and earns a C for its crimes, placing it slightly below Allegiant Stadium regarding overall safety.

Comparing Raiders stadium to other well-known stadiums

soldier field chicago nfl stadium safety raiders stadium
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Allegiant Stadium’s ranking at seventh place is even more impressive, especially when compared to many well-known venues. It stands out as a safer option than Acrisure Stadium, Soldier Field (home of the Chicago Bears) and even SoFi Stadium — if even by a small margin.

For Raider Nation, Allegiant Stadium not only provides a top-notch experience but ensures a secure setting for enjoying the game. While there is always room for enhancement, the Raiders stadium boasts a strong safety record, particularly within the competitive AFC West division. As the team continues to grow its fanbase in Las Vegas, supporters can wholeheartedly back their Raiders without concerns about safety detracting from their enjoyment.

Note: BetMassachusetts.com used Neighborhoodscout.com to find the violent crime and total crime index; Yardbarker.com was used to find the fan behavior ranking; CrimeGrade.org was used to find the crime grades. 

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