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Patriots’ QB Cam Newton reveals his hilarious nickname for Bill Belichick

New England Patriots HC Bill Belichick and QB Cam Newton
Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports

If there was anyone left wondering if Cam Newton would be a fit for the New England Patriots’ culture under head coach Bill Belichick, Newton left no doubts on Monday with a fascinating revelation.

During an appearance on “The Greg Hill Show” following Sunday’s win, the Patriots’ star quarterback revealed the special nickname he has for the greatest coach in NFL history.

Cam Newton reveals his nickname for Bill Belichick

When the Patriots signed Cam Newton, it was one of the biggest moves of the NFL offseason. The fact that every other NFL team let Belichick swoop in to snag the former NFL MVP was always going to end badly for the rest of the league, if Newton was healthy.

Newton easily won the starting job and thrived in his Patriots’ debut. The pairing with Belichick has worked out perfectly, with New England roaring out to a 2-1 start. Now, with everyone feeling good, the Patriots’ star decided to reveal the nickname he has given to Belichick.

This is why everyone loves Cam. While Tom Brady and Belichick might have had a good relationship in their two decades together, you know a partnership is real when you’ve got hilarious nicknames.

The fact that a 68-year-old coach is called “Dolla dolla Bill, y’all”, captures Newton’s charisma and character perfectly. While he might not use it directly when talking to Belichick, it’s still an epic nickname. We look forward to a reporter asking Belichick in his next press conference about this and what he calls his QB1.