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WATCH: Patrick Beverley asks if the Miami Heat will trade for him on live TV

Andrew Buller-Russ

The Minnesota Timberwolves recently hired a new decision-maker at the top of the food chain, with Tim Connelly coming aboard. This means roster changes are likely coming this offseason. Could Patrick Beverley be one of those players who gets traded this summer?

If Beverley is seen as expendable as he heads into the final year of his contract with the Wolves, the Miami Heat could be one team that gets involved. As noted last week, the Heat are said to have great interest in acquiring Pat Bev via trade.

Could it actually come to fruition? It’s possible. Even Beverley himself is raising the question, bringing more attention to the idea.

Patrick Beverley brings up strange question on First Take

Beverley has made several media appearances since his Wolves got eliminated from postseason play against the Memphis Grizzlies. His most recent showing came via ESPN’s First Take, in which Jason Williams was discussing players the Miami Heat could add to their roster during the offseason. That’s when Beverley interjected with a name. His own.

Beverley openly wondered if the Miami Heat would trade for Patrick Beverley, opting to speak of himself in the third person for this scenario.

“Will they trade for Patrick Beverley? Say it. Okay, say it. This ain’t the NBA channel, this is ESPN, we can say whatever we want.”

Patrick Beverley on ESPN’s First Take

While we shouldn’t be surprised by anything Beverley says or does at this point, this is a mildly strange exchange.

Why wouldn’t he want to join a Miami Heat team that typically plays deep into the postseason? They’re a deeply talented bunch who would greatly benefit from Beverley’s skills. It would be a great fit.

Then, there’s also the Timberwolves, who also have been boosted by the mindset Beverley brings to the table. There’s a reason they traded for him last offseason and chose to extend him for another year to allow him to stick around through 2023, but it’s possible Beverley is seen as expendable.

While the Wolves would have a tough time replacing the attitude Beverley brings to the game, he’s not a long-term fit with the core group led by the young pairing of Anthony Edwards and Karl-Anthony Towns. If a team, like the Heat, make an offer the Wolves can’t refuse, it’s possible Beverley can be had, for the right price.

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