NFLPA sends players ominous ‘Work Stoppage Worksheet’

The NFLPA and NFL have recently had preliminary discussions on a new collective bargaining agreement, but a memo sent out by the union indicates things may not have gone as smoothly as some reports suggested.

The NFLPA sent players a Work Stoppage Worksheet that opens with the statement, “With a work stoppage on the horizon, players should be prepared for:

  • Loss of income
  • Loss of health insurance
  • Increased training costs
  • Loss of camaraderie and structure

Included in the worksheet is a detailed rundown on what players should be doing right now to prepare themselves for a strike.

The NFLPA has been sounding the alarm for a potential strike a few years now, and a recent message to agents indicated a strike could last over a year.

The current CBA runs through the 2020 season, but the NFL is trying to avoid any real threat by hammering out a new deal before the start of the 2019 campaign. Whether this worksheet sent by the NFLPA is simply a posturing move, or something much more substantial remains to be seen.