LOOK: Oklahoma stays alive thanks to quirky forward-pass by Kennedy Brooks to Caleb Williams on 4th down

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Kansas
Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

In one of the strangest plays of the early slate of college football games in Week 8, the Oklahoma Sooners looked stuffed on a 4th-and-1 attempt leading against Kansas 28-23 with just over three minutes remaining.

Sooners running back Kennedy Brooks took the handoff from quarterback Caleb Williams and only had a yard to gain for the first, however, the Jayhawk defense had him nearly wrapped up, using a gang-tackle approach.

Then, their true freshman QB, Williams alertly noticed Brooks struggling, when he stepped in and literally stole the ball from the running back’s hands to move forward, getting the first down

It was a unique play to say the least. There was immediate confusion, questioning whether the crowd had just witnessed an illegal forward pass. However, the referees reviewed the play and deemed the call to be a legal forward pass, since it occurred behind the line of scrimmage.

Even Kansas linebacker Rich Miller was seen celebrating the stop, when he looked as confused as the rest of us, with a ‘can they do that?’ look on his face. Apparently, they can and they did.

The Jayhawks at 1-5, had done a superb job of containing the Sooners up until that point. But the moment proved too much to come back from as they would go on to lose the game 35-23.