LOOK: Jersey swaps cost NFL players a shocking amount

© Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

There are few post-game moments football fans love more than when players swap jerseys with their peers. It happens after every game and all the cameras focus on the moment when opponents take pictures with another player’s jersey. then exchange them. However, it comes at a high cost.

NBC Sports Bay Area’s Matt Maiocco investigated this week and discovered players are charged $500-plus when they gift their game-worn uniform top to another player.

It’s a startling cost to see given how often we see it done. Just a few weeks ago, seemingly a quarter of the New York Jets roster wanted a jersey from Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson.

Of course, it’s difficult to blame NFL teams for wanting to get their money back when a player gives his jersey away. It takes time to stitch the jerseys together. Given their value, teams are willing to bring the hammer down.

Players seemingly know the price and continue to do it. As long as they’re happy to pay the bill, we’ll continue to enjoy the nice moment respect and appreciation players give to one another after a game.