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Kevin Durant is confused by ‘laughable’ NBA 2K23 rating: ‘Why I’m not a 99?’

Jason Burgos
kevin durant, nba 2k23
Credit: USA Today Network

NBA superstar and Brooklyn Nets veteran Kevin Durant doesn’t understand why he didn’t land a 99 rating in the newest edition of the popular basketball video game series NBA 2K23.

The 2022 NBA offseason has been dominated by Durant, and he didn’t even change teams. However, that is what happens when arguably the best player on the planet requests a trade after playing just two seasons in his current home. Despite nearly half of the NBA checking in with the Nets about a possible deal, no team reportedly ever came close to reaching the immense asking price they had in a trade.

In the end, Durant surprised the basketball world a second time in a matter of two months by actually squashing the issues he had with the coaching staff, and agreeing to continue their partnership in 2022-2023. Now, with a trade out of the question, the 33-year-old has shifted his focus to working towards bringing an NBA championship to New York, but also something you would think isn’t worth the former league MVP’s time. Video game ratings.

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The newest version of the NBA 2K series is set to drop this week. So, the game’s publisher Visual Concepts is starting to slowly release the ratings for various top stars in the NBA. Similar to how EA Sports trickles out the ratings for the top 10 players at each position in the newest version of the iconic Madden video game.

Kevin Durant is not happy about having a lower NBA 2K23 rating than Stephen Curry

Well on Tuesday, the game publisher posted to their Twitter account this year’s rating for the 12-time All-Star. As one of the elite talents in the sport, Durant received an impressive rating of 96. It is the same number given to Los Angeles Lakers superstar Lebron James. It is also higher than the ratings for other top stars like Devin Booker (91) and Ja Morant (93). However, it was lower than fellow former NBA MVPs Giannis Antetokounmpo (97) and the star of the defending champion Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry (99).

That fact seemed to rub Durant — a former teammate and champion with Curry — the wrong way and he took to Twitter today to air his unhappiness when he retweeted his rating and captioned the post by saying, “I’m gonna need an explanation on why I’m not a 99? This has become laughable.”

Oddly enough, 96 is the same rating Durant has had for the last three versions of the series.