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WATCH: Los Angeles Chargers’ Justin Herbert throws absurd TD pass

Vincent Frank

Dating back to his days with the Oregon Ducks, Justin Herbert has been known to have a rocket arm. Nothing he’s done in almost two seasons with the Los Angeles Chargers has changed this narrative.

The hapless New York Giants found that out first-hand Sunday afternoon.

With Los Angeles controlling the game and up 17-7 late in the second quarter, Justin Herbert threw an absolute cannon to Jalen Guyton. It goes down on the stat line as a 59-yard touchdown pass. However, the ball had to travel 65 yards in the air — only to catch Guyton in stride.

That’s just not fair. The defender actually had good coverage. But Herbert simply didn’t care.

By virtue of this pass, the sophomore quarterback finished the first half of Sunday’s game having completed 16-of-22 passes for 204 yards with two touchdowns.

Yeah, this kid is good.