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Jordan McNair’s father, and teammate Ellis McKennie, blast Maryland for bringing DJ Durkin back

Michael Dixon
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports`

Offensive lineman Ellis McKennie is not happy about the Maryland’s decision to retain football coach DJ Durkin. And he’s made his displeasure known.

Following the decision, McKennie took to Twitter to remember his late teammate, Jordan McNair, who passed away as a result of a heat stroke suffered during a workout in June.

In the process, he blasted the decision to retain Durkin.

McKennie is not alone. Jordan’s father, Marty McNair, also ripped the school’s decision.

Both McKennie and Mr. McNair clearly feel that Durkin is at least in part to blame for Jordan’s death. It’s safe to say that they’re not alone. It was reported that “several” Maryland players walked out of the team meeting with Durkin on Tuesday.

We’re certainly going to hear more about this story in the coming days, weeks, and months.