Jerry Jones excited about how Dak Prescott can be more efficient in new Dallas Cowboys offense

When you embrace a moniker called ‘America’s Team,’ naturally, there are going to be heightened expectations. The Dallas Cowboys have only created more pressure for themselves over the years, and their stretch without a Super Bowl hasn’t helped. But now Dak Prescott is the QB tasked with getting the team over the hump.

Last year Prescott led the NFL with 15 interceptions thrown, despite starting just 12 games. Even though he led a turnover-prone scoring attack, the Cowboys’ offense ranked fourth in the NFL, averaging 27.5 points per game. Yet, Dallas still made massive changes to their approach this offseason by swapping play-callers, going from Kellen Moore to Mike McCarthy, who will be sending signals to Prescott’s ears. Brian Schottenheimer takes over offensive coordinator duties.

Those differences in personnel have also led to several other adjustments. But as team owner Jerry Jones says, all of these decisions have been made with Prescott’s best interest in mind. Here’s Jones on what makes the offense more appealing to his starting QB.

“It’s Dak-friendly. He’s going to have an offensive line that is going to be able to protect him better, their spacing is narrower, which is conducive to protection. He’s going to have more opportunities to dump the ball off to the backs. He’s going to have less to do before the snap, and less to read after the snap. The receivers are going to be less dependent upon reading the d-back and Dak reading the d-back. It’s going to be more about being at a spot where they should be. The [combination] of all of it, and all of it is adjustments, not dramatic changes. When you combine it all then I’m confident that we’re going to be excited about how it protects Dak and how it actually helps efficiency for Dak.”

Jerry Jones on how new Cowboys offense can help Dak Prescott

It sounds like the Cowboys are simplifying the offense for their 30-year-old QB. While some of what Jones mentions is hypothetical, about how he’ll “have an offensive line that is going to be able to protect him better,” other parts do sound much more QB-friendly.

Whether it leads to more success in the win column is really all that matters. The Cowboys have never had much trouble scoring. They’ve had a top-ten offense each of the past two seasons. It’s their success in the playoffs that needs more refinement. Maybe the new approach can be part of the solution. The team owner certainly feels their recent changes won’t hurt.

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