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WATCH: Wholesome video of Ja Morant giving unsuspecting waitress $500 tip

Vincent Frank

Memphis Grizzlies star guard Ja Morant is known around the NBA as one of the best young players in the game. To most associated with the league, his face is definitely recognizable.

The same thing can’t be said for the general public. A video just recently posted to social media displays this in a big way. It’s also about as wholesome as it gets.

Let’s give you some background before delving into the video. Morant was at an unnamed diner recently conversating with a waitress. After he provided her a $500 tip, the waitress wanted to know who he was. Morant’s response? “Black Jesus.” What followed was absolutely perfect.

The woman’s reaction when she found out it was Ja Morant is just so darn epic. She legitimately ran away from the Grizzlies star guard in a frenzy.

Coming off a stellar third season in the NBA, Morant just signed a five-year, $192.9 million max-level extension with the Grizzlies. He certainly can afford that $500 tip. In no way does this make what we saw any less special. Talk about making someone’s day with kindness.