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Historical impact of NFL coaching changes and how it relates to the Minnesota Vikings

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This fan blog entry was originally posted at Purple Pain Forums by MidwinterViking.

A really good question was asked in response to the Run it Back! post I made: How many coaching changes have resulted in a significant change to team performance?  That post suggested the team needed to improve by 6 PPG over the field. To answer this, I loaded the franchise history for teams back to 1970 (same time frame as that article). 

Here is what I found:

I counted 319 coaching changes since 1970.  

If there was a mid-season coaching change, I didn’t count that (that’s a train wreck, not a coaching change). The change is attributed to the first year of the new coach.

There were some huge swings in the early decades of the NFL, so I also filtered to recent changes: 

Recent = anything since 2000

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  • Total coaching changes: 319
  • Recent coaching changes: 140
  • Total coaching changes that corresponded with a +6 or greater change: 90 (28% of all changes)
  • Recent coaching changes that corresponded with a +6 or greater change: 37 (26%)
  • Total coaching changes with a huge gain, +10 or more: 33 (10%)
  • Recent coaching changes with a huge gain, +10 or more: 20 (14%)
  • Total changes that showed some improvement (+1 or better): 181 (57%)
  • Recent changes that showed some improvement (+1 or better): 81 (58%)
  • Average impact of all changes: +1.98
  • Average impact of recent changes: +2.45
  • Vikings’ coaching changes: 8 (remember, I skipped mid-year changes)
  • Vikings’ coaching changes with +6 or greater impact: 3
  • 1985: +12.2
  • 1986: +8.6 (that’s right, back-to-back years. Les Steckel’s 1984 Vikings set a really low bar)
  • 1992: +8.1

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Some changes to be in awe of and give the team hope:

  • Matt Nagy’s 2018 Bears: +12.1
  • Frank Reich’s 2018 Colts: +14.4
  • Doug Marrone’s 2017 Jaguars: +14.4
  • Sean McVay’s 2017 Rams: +19.9
  • Andy Reid’s 2013 Chiefs: +21.1
  • Some cautionary tales for the doomers:
  • Vance Joseph’s 2017 Broncos: -8.1
  • Marc Trestman’s 2013 Bears: -8.2
  • Steve Wilks’ 2018 Cardinals: -8.4
  • Ken Whisenhunt’s 2014 Titans: -10.3
  • Raheem Morris’ 2009 Bucs: -12.1

And for bonus fun: the “pointlessness award” goes to Al Groh’s 2000 Jets: started at 0, moved to 0 for a net change of 0. Groh was fired after one year; he never had a chance to Groh on anyone.

How are we feeling, Vikings fans? What about fans of other teams with new head coaches? This piece change anything for you?

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