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NBA insider says Ja Morant unlikely to get ‘doomsday magnitude’ suspension some expect

ja morant
Credit: Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports

While Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant is likely to get hit with another suspension from his continued antics showing his love for firearms, a top NBA insider does not believe it will be at the stunning level that some have suggested.

In just a matter of a few months, Ja Morant has gone from one of the next faces of the biggest basketball league in the world to being viewed as an immature young man that is doing serious damage to his reputation and his future earning potential.

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It all started late last year when members of his entourage were linked to making worrisome threats at opposing players after a game. Then came rumors of punching a teenager after a pick up game at his house. Yet things came to a head in February when Ja Morant posted an Instagram live video brandishing a gun at a Denver night club.

The incident led to a nine game suspension and the two-time All-Star being forced to seek counseling for what was becoming a growing resume of poor behavior. After the league’s punishment, Ja Morant said all the right things and it seemed like he was on the road to rehabilitating his image. Then he derailed it all again earlier this week.

Ja Morant stats (’22-’23): 26.2 PPG, 5.9 RPG, 8.1 APG, 1.1 SPG, 30% 3PT FG

ja morant
Credit: Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports

For the second time in just four month, Ja Morant posted an Instagram live video toting a firearm in glee. It was a had scratching decision after having a sitdown with NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and being warned to never let it happen again.

The Memphis Grizzlies suspended him soon after the video went viral and now many are speculating that the star guard could be handed another suspension, with some claiming it could be for as many as 50 games.

However, in a conversation with Sportsnaut, Yahoo Sports Senior NBA Reporter Jake Fischer explained why such a severe suspension seems unlikely compared to recent punishments for other players.

“There’s been talk about him getting suspended for as much as half a season or 50 games. I just don’t see that happening. They’re not analgus situations at all. Miles Bridges was suspended 25 or 30 games for a pretty brutal domestic violence allegation. What Ja Morant has done, showing a gun on Instagram live multiple times now is not exactly smart, [but] it’s not exactly illegal either. There’s definitely a grey area.

“It’s something I think the league is taking seriously and they want to figure out how to smooth this over moving forward, for someone a lot of people are expecting to be one of the next faces of the NBA. I think there definitely will be a penalty for it but I’m not expecting it to be anything to the doomsday magnitude that some people are talking about.”

– Jake Fischer

The NBA is likely to come up with a suspension for Ja Morant at some point in the coming weeks as the 2022-2023 NBA season officially comes to a close.