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Golden State Warriors’ Bob Myers rejects Kevin Durant trade talk

Andrew Buller-Russ

Aside from smaller contract agreements around the basketball landscape, the NBA offseason has hit a lull. Recently offering the promise of a Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant trade, we’re all left waiting for the next shoe to drop as the summer fades away.

As of late, it appears a Durant trade seems more unlikely than an eventual guarantee, in this offseason anyway. That doesn’t mean a trade won’t happen. It just takes two to tango, along with an offer too strong to refuse, and we’re back again.

But don’t expect that offer to come from the defending champions.

Warriors GM wants to run it back in 2022-23

NBA: Finals-Golden State Warriors at Boston Celtics
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Although the Golden State Warriors have been linked to Kevin Durant at times this offseason, providing fans with a glimpse into fond memories of the past, there’s no desire to make such a move this time around.

Warriors general manager Bob Myers was asked by Mark Medina of NBA.com at the ESPYs on Wednesday night about potential roster changes in the Bay Area, but he seems more attached to the team’s current core.

“I like our team and where it’s at. I want to give the guys a chance to do it again.”

Golden State Warriors GM Bob Myers on potential offseason moves

If Durant is traded, he’s expected to bring back a heck of a haul. Sure, the Warriors may be one of the few teams equipped to make such a trade, boasting tons of young talent that’s arguably expendable, but that’s not the point either.

The Warriors were strong enough to win the NBA Finals as is, with Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson leading the way and Jordan Poole ready for a bigger role in the future. Should they really mess with team chemistry, even if it’s for an old teammate? Probably not. That seems to be their train of thought too.

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