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Floyd Mayweather offers a unique $20m bet to any NFL team willing to sign Antonio Brown

It seems that free-agent wide receiver Antonio Brown has a supporter and willing benefactor in Floyd Mayweather, Jr. And the retired boxing legend is willing to bet some serious money if any NFL team is willing to give the six-time Pro Bowler a serious opportunity in 2022.

The saga of the mercurial Brown is one of the more interesting and sometimes bizarre stories in today’s NFL. It was not long ago that the 33-year-old was the best wide receiver in the sport and landed on four straight All-Pro teams. Then it all changed following his final Pro Bowl season in 2018. There were contract disputes, issues with wearing the required headgear, and an evolving personality that clashed with players and coaches for his long-time employer the Pittsburgh Steelers.

  • Antonio Brown stats (career): 12,291 yards, 928 catches, 83 touchdowns

Since then, he saw a season stay with the New England Patriots end early after allegations of sexual misconduct in 2019. Then two years later a stint with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers come to a finish after a series of bizarre events that included leaving the team midway through a game.

Floyd Mayweather says Antonio Brown is just misunderstood

floyd mayweather, antonio brown
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It is no surprise then that most teams in the league are hesitant to add Brown and his personal baggage to their locker room. However, during a guest appearance on “The Pivot Podcast” alongside retired MLB great Alex Rodriguez, Mayweather threw his support behind the 12-year veteran. Brown, Mayweather, and Rodriguez all live in the Miami area and are friends. That bond led the sweet science icon to make a unique offer to any NFL franchise willing to sign Brown and give him a fair shake at proving his worth.

“[Antonio Brown], he’s still young, so I feel like, AB, he’s got a lot left in football. At least four more years. … I’m happy for guys like Alex, AB, great people, great families. I had the chance to meet AB’s mom, a great woman, and I think AB is just misunderstood, and he just wants to be treated fair,” Mayweather said.

“This is for any team that’s watching right now, we’ll make them a deal if they sign AB and AB go through the whole season no problems at all, and then they got to give us $20 million, but if he messes up then we’ve got to give them $20 million,” he added. “So if any team wants to match that then reach out to us.”

It is certainly a unique offer, and with “Money” reportedly being worth over $450 million, he can certainly back up the wager. Unfortunately, chances are the bet will be too rich of a price if the unusual individual known as “AB” played well and had to be paid $20 million for his one-season tenure.