Eli Manning subtly rips Odell Beckham Jr. in response to recent comments

Odell Beckham Jr. recently took some pointed shots at the New York Giants, and on Thursday former teammate Eli Manning responded.

Beckham made the comments in a recent interview with GQ, saying essentially that the Giants were only landing prime-time games because of him. He also said in that same interview that he felt “disrespected” by the Giants because he was their big-ticket item but didn’t treat him like that.

Manning was asked what he thought about those comments, and his response (via Jeremy Bergman of “Around the NFL”) was one of the smoothest burns we’ve read in a while: “I don’t think they bothered me. You just kind of shake your head and laugh. … I won a few games before he was here.”

The Giants veteran isn’t the only one who had that type of reaction, either. Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw, after hearing what Beckham said, called the comments “crazy,” among other things.

Manning did manage to win a few games, along with a couple of Super Bowls, before the OBJ era. It’s also worth pointing out that, regardless of their record, the Giants remain one of the most bankable teams in the NFL in terms of television interest.

Ironically, Beckham did a radio interview after the GQ interview came out in which he said he will ignore the haters and prove them wrong on the field. We’re not holding our breath on that one.