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WATCH: Eli Manning stars in hilarious Frank’s RedHot commercial

Is Eli Manning low-key one of the funniest athletes in recent memory? His new advertisement for Frank's RedHot would have you believe as much.

WATCH: Eli Manning stars in hilarious Frank's RedHot commercial
New York Giants -- Eli Manning, 2004-2019, 57,023 yards. Credit: Danielle Parhizkaran via Imagn Content Services, LLC

Eli Manning enjoyed an excellent NFL career as the New York Giants‘ quarterback, and retirement seems to be treating the two-time Super Bowl MVP very well in light of his hysterical starring appearance in a Frank’s RedHot sauce commercial.

Known for avoiding the spotlight and being impervious to criticism as a pro football star, Manning seems to be embracing the fact that he starred in the big New York media market now that he’s no longer on the gridiron.

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ESPN’s Field Yates posted the Frank’s RedHot ad featuring Manning at the center:

This really is 30 seconds of comedy gold. Manning is known for his deadpan countenance, and given the absurd situations he finds himself in here, that quirky personality fits perfectly.

Whether it’s “watering” flowers and plants with Frank’s RedHot, pulling a full jar of the sauce out of a fish he’s caught, or lauding the product for being “approachably hot” like himself, Manning has officially established himself as an excellent salesman for this brand.

Manning ends this commercial with a bang — and probably the best tagline in the history of advertising. Well, maybe that’s a little hyperbolic, but without spoiling it before you watch the video above, take it upon yourself sound off in the comments with a better one.

Going from defeating the GOAT, Tom Brady, in two Super Bowls to potentially outclassing Cleveland Browns signal-caller and Progressive campaigner Baker Mayfield as the class of NFL QB advertisers marks yet another surprising, seemingly improbable twist in Eli Manning’s extraordinary life.

Obviously, Eli still is managing to stand on his own outside of his brother Peyton’s shadow — and may have even topped his classic ESPN commercial of brotherly rivalry back in the day with this Frank’s RedHot ad.