WATCH: Dallas Cowboys, Las Vegas Raiders get into fight on Thanksgiving

Dallas Cowboys, Las Vegas Raiders
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

As NFL fans gathered around the television Sunday to watch NFL primetime action, a fight broke out in the third quarter of Thursday’s Thanksgiving game between the Dallas Cowboys and Las Vegas Raiders.

The Raiders’ first drive of the second quarter stalled, forcing a punt on fourth down. When the kick went out of bounds, Cowboys’ cornerback Kelvin Joseph and Raiders’ safety Roderic Teamer got into it well after the whistle blew.

After Teamer shoved Joseph to the ground near the blue medical tent, both players then got up and started exchanging blows. Instantly, teammates from both teams rushed and a scuffle broke out with pushing and shoving and referees got caught in the middle.

Both Joseph and Teamer were immediately ejected from the game. they will each likely be facing hefty fines from the NFL in the coming days. Because of the offsetting penalties, it didn’t impact field position for the Cowboys.

It’s been an eventful primetime game for CBS. Between DeSean Jackson scoring a touchdown and Twitter blasting Mike McCarthy for a baffling decision, NFL fans have been treated to some entertainment.