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Super Bowl LVI MVP Cooper Kupp taking team-friendly approach to next contract

Andrew Buller-Russ

The Los Angeles Rams still have yet to work out a new contract with one of their best players on the team, but this time we’re not even talking about Aaron Donald. Instead, the focus turns to Super Bowl LVI MVP Cooper Kupp, whose current contract is set to expire after the 2023 season.

Obviously, the Rams don’t want to get anywhere near a possibility where Kupp hits unrestricted free agency, so they’d likely prefer to get something negotiated some time in the near future.

In a recent interview with Jordan Rodrique of The Athletic, Kupp spoke of his mentality heading into contract negotiations with the Rams, which should keep fans in L.A. hopeful.

Cooper Kupp not looking to be greedy

Despite proving himself to be one of the top wide receivers in football, Cooper Kupp’s average annual salary currently ranks 19th among his fellow wideouts heading into the 2022 season. He’s coming off the best season of his five-year career thus far and absolutely has a case for a bigger payday.

  • Cooper Kupp contract: $14.8 million in salary for 2022 season

Of course, the Rams also need to make Aaron Donald happy, so it’s possible paying Kupp isn’t their top priority at the moment.

From Kupp’s perspective, he doesn’t appear to be in any rush to get a deal done, he knows L.A. is the place for him, and the team likely feels the same.

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This past offseason has been the year of the receiver, in that teams are paying top-dollar, whether in trade or by salary, to add upper echelon pass-catchers. Yet for Kupp, he doesn’t appear to be chasing Tyreek Hill’s new $28.25 average salary amount. In fact, Kupp seems open to taking a bit less, with the idea of taking a team-friendly contract that gives the Rams a better chance to continually compete.

“I try to help where I can, I don’t want to be in the dark on this thing. I also love this organization. I want to be here for a very long time, and to be doing things with these guys — not just the guys on the field, I want to be a part of this organization [in its] growth and the places I think this organization is going. And so I want this to be something that makes sense for everyone. I want them to feel good about it, and I think the best way to do that is for me to at least be involved in some capacity. It’s never going to be at the cost of anything on the football field, [but] the more communication, the better, and just be able to find a place we can all feel good.”

Cooper Kupp on contract situation to Jordan Rodrique of The Athletic

Meanwhile, Kupp is intending to take part in the Rams’ mandatory minicamp, which begins on June 7 and runs through June 9. Even if Kupp and the Rams aren’t worried about getting a deal done sooner than later, it appears crossing the finishing line shouldn’t be an issue for these two.

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