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Chandler Jones goes off on Mark Davis, Las Vegas Raiders again

The Las Vegas Raiders started their last season with a 17-16 win over the Denver Broncos in the first game of the Jimmy Garoppolo era. It was a fine way to start the year, but the absence of All-Pro pass-rusher Chandler Jones couldn’t be ignored.

Jones did not play in Week 1, and he won’t play this week against the Buffalo Bills either, as his public standoff with the Raiders continues. He’s been away from the team with what’s being described as a personal issue, but Jones has been very vocal and public about his beef with the Raiders, including team owner Mark Davis.

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It began just over a week ago when Jones took to Instagram, accusing the Raiders of restricting his access to the gym, among other things. The Raiders responded by sending a crisis response team to Jones’s residence, which did not sit well with the edge rusher.

But now Jones is at it back again, calling out Davis on his X social media account.

“I wish mark Davis told the ppl why I really can’t play. I think I know why , but I want y’all to ask him. Only reason I’m here because the raiders still haven’t contacted me or a rep of mine. I’ll let him say it to the public not me lmao. I’ve made over 100M, not money at all, I just wanna play Sunday.. well I’m actually missing another game and losing money. I wish I could play with my brothers, but marky mark is holding a huge secret that only I know! That’s why I was asking for my protection sorry if I sound scared because I’m not lol, when I found out I was lol. I won’t tell I just wanna play, but if I don’t play, I tell EVERYONE. Not about football anymore brother, let him tell you what he’s been doing lol. He can’t cut me, I have proof of his reps saying I’m under contract, and they want me on the team.. but not playing right now. Lol.”

Chandler Jones discusses Mark Davis, Las Vegas Raiders

But it’s not just the Raiders who are trying to reach a solution with Jones. According to Jones, the NFL Players Association is also getting involved, but he doesn’t seem to be open to their attempts either.

It’s hard to say what’s going on with Jones right now, but not having him on the football field is odd. Like he says, he just wants to play ball.

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