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CFB community reacts to Michigan’s Roman Wilson’s touchdown catch getting overturned in Fiesta Bowl

Fiesta Bowl

The Michigan Wolverines were already off to a rough start in the Vrbo Fiesta Bowl after turning it over on downs on their first possession and throwing a pick-six on their second. Nevertheless, Jim Harbaugh’s Wolverines kept battling against the TCU Horned Frogs.

Once quarterback J.J. McCarthy had a chance to move on from his earlier interception mistake, he quickly led Michigan down the field with a 50-yard strike to receiver Roman Wilson. In fact, the play appeared to be a touchdown, which would have closed the gap, shrinking TCU’s 14-3 lead.

But instead, the referees got involved, ruling Wilson just short of the endzone, noting that his knee touched down on the one-yard line as he reeled in the pass. Yet, spectators weren’t so sure of the refs’ call on this particular play.

Here’s the touchdown that got taken away from Michigan. You be the judge. Touchdown or ruled short of the goal line? We know what the refs think they saw.

In most cases, it doesn’t matter. Teams will just pound the ball in on the next play or two, easily gaining the yard needed to reach paydirt. But football is unpredictable, and that’s not what happened at all.

TCU somehow came away with the football on the very next play, on a failed handoff, leading to the fumble recovery and change in possession. Naturally, with the previous touchdown taken away, this left Wolverines fans incensed, and who can blame them with how their chance to advance to the College Football National Championship has begun?

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Social media reacts to Michigan’s wild string of bad luck in Fiesta Bowl

Here are just a few of the reactions we gathered from social media from those who were dismayed by what they just witnessed, and some fun clips as well.

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