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One plausible explanation for Todd Gurley’s lack of involvement during the Los Angeles Rams playoff run would be that he was hurt. But if Gurley has been hurt, coach Sean McVay doesn’t seem to be aware of it.

Per Rich Hammond of the Orange County Register, McVay noted on Tuesday that he didn’t know of any upcoming medical procedures for the All-Pro running back.

This only makes the situation more curious.

While Gurley was reportedly healthy heading into the Super Bowl, an injury would have explained a lot. Gurley touched the ball only five times in the NFC Championship Game victory over the New Orleans Saints. In the Super Bowl, he received only 11 touches. And it wasn’t as if the Los Angeles offense was firing on all cylinders in either game (especially the Super Bowl) without him.

If Gurley was hurt, the Rams would potentially be in trouble for not listing him on an injury report. But it would at least explain his lack of involvement.

As it is, we can only scratch our heads and wonder why one of the NFL’s top players was reduced in such a big way on the game’s biggest stage.

Michael Dixon
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