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The Alliance of American Football (AAF) just launched its first set of games on Saturday and Sunday. It was like a blast from the past. Especially when it came to watching New York Jets bust quarterback Christian Hackenberg throw a glaring interception in the first quarter.

Though all was not bad. Former first-round running back pick Trent Richardson scored two rushing touchdowns in that same game.

These names buzzing about social media have prompted us to look at some other former NFL players who would spice up the AAF.

Tim Tebow

Tebow is a fan favorite whether he is suiting up to play with the New York Mets, or attempting to revive his NFL career. Aside from sports, Tebow is also juggling life as a newly-engaged man. All the while, he spends much of his time contributing to his own charitable causes. He is an awesome guy who would make a splashy roster addition to any AAF team. Whether it be at quarterback, tight end or running back, it would be all kinds of fun to see Tebow touching a football again.

Ray Rice

Rice’s professional NFL career ended on a sour note. He last played for the Baltimore Ravens in 2013. After trying to get back into the league, Rice finally concentrated his efforts in making positive differences in his local community. With a new approach on life, taking multiple steps to focus on his family, Rice seems to be in a good place. If anything, the 32-year-old back could serve as a mentor to some of his younger counterparts in the AAF.

Johnny Manziel

Manziel is a quarterback for the CFL’s Montreal Allouettes, whose season ended in November. Though, he still remains hopeful for another chance to play in the NFL. Getting involved with the AAF would certainly help get Manziel’s name back into the spotlight. The more Manziel is seen putting forth his best effort under center, and keeping his personal affairs in order, the better chance he has of nudging his way back into the NFL. He would certainly be an upgrade over at least one of the AAF’s current quarterbacks.

Terrell Owens

This is a wild dart to be thrown. But Owens returning to play football in some type of capacity at the age of 45 would be darn entertaining. He has never been shy to promote his services to any NFL teams in need of a seasoned wide receiver. Owens keeps in excellent physical shape. And, he is still extremely fast having recently ran a blazing 40-yard dash. A successful jaunt in the AAF could make those who doubt Owens think twice.

Colin Kaepernick

At this time, playing in the NFL does not seem to be an option for Kaepernick. He is currently suing the league for collusion. So, Kaepernick’s name is being throw out there on social media as a player who should try out the AAF. It would give the quarterback an opportunity to promote his football skills ahead of NFL free agency when a potential team might just take note. At the very least, Kaepernick could get some personal satisfaction by taking his services elsewhere. If he shines, even better.