10 most embarrassing blunders from NFL Week 14

11Some significant and embarrassing blunders

Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

Week 14 of the NFL saw a fair amount of sizable upsets. Not surprisingly, those upsets were aided by some significant, embarrassing blunders.

The New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers have been two of the NFL’s model teams for years. But on Sunday, both brought a heavy supply of embarrassing gaffes.

The San Francisco 49ers actually managed to botch victory formation — twice snapping the ball too early. But as bad of a blunder as that was, it doesn’t make our list. San Francisco’s opponent was simply not going to be out-blundered.

Meanwhile, the opening minutes of Sunday’s game between the Atlanta Falcons and Green Bay Packers highlighted a continued problem for the NFL.

These were the most embarrassing blunders from Week 14.