MLB free agents who will be overpaid this winter

11Concerned about the money.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

As we head into MLB free agency, some of baseball’s biggest stars are about to get huge paydays. But for various reasons, the money may be a tad too much.

In the case of our top-two free agents, we don’t know if the money will equal great success for the teams that pay up. In other cases, the injury history of the players is concerning. Whatever the reason, these free agents are likely candidates to get overpaid this offseason.

One thing that’s important is note is that saying someone will be overpaid is not the same as saying they’ll be bad. Some of these guys could well put up big numbers. We’re just concerned that the money they get won’t match what they actually bring their teams.

These are 10 MLB free agents most likely to be overpaid this winter.