We knew it would be a matter of time before Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban spoke out about the criticism his team received for making Tony Romo a Maverick for a day on Tuesday.

What was supposed to be a tremendous pay of respect for the former Dallas Cowboys quarterback turned into a divisive issue that swept through the NBA.

Basketball purists were not too happy about Romo being in uniform and participating in the pre-game shootaround prior to the Mavericks’ season finale against the Denver Nuggets. Heck, certain members of the Nuggets organization took exception to this (more on that here).

But if you ask Cuban, those who were offended only have themselves to blame.

The money quote here?

“We have people shooting half-court shots at every break. We have kids for ball boys. We’re entertainment,” Cuban said. “And if they’re so self-important they can’t recognize that, it’s on them.”

Today’s media and the larger American public tend to find reasons to become offended. Whether it’s our own self-importance or something else remains to be seen. But Cuban has a solid point here.

Romo didn’t play in the game. He didn’t take a roster spot away from more deserving basketball players that have worked their whole lives to reach the professional ranks. Instead, he participated in shooting drills prior to the game. Practice.

And he was pretty darn good in the process.

While Romo didn’t look great in an NBA uniform, it was a tremendous show of respect from a city he has given so much to. If you are going to take issue with that, maybe re-evaluate your approach in life.