Once the Dallas Cowboys officially release Tony Romo, he’ll hit the free-agent market with the rest of those veterans looking for new jobs Thursday afternoon.

It has long been expected that Romo would eventually land in Denver with the Broncos. That idea just makes too much sense. Denver is set to contend for another Super Bowl title should it find a quarterback to perform at a decent level under center. Romo himself wants to play for a contender.

It stands to reason that many figured a deal between the two sides would come together once Romo hit free agency. That now doesn’t look as likely as it did just a couple short days ago.

According to Yahoo! Sports Charles Robinson, the market for Romo likely won’t be as robust as he first thought. Robinson indicates that the Houston Texans could be out on Romo altogether. Meanwhile, Denver’s interest in the former Pro Bowler is “lukewarm.”

It’s definitely an interesting dynamic to look at. These are the two teams that would give Romo the best opportunity to contend for a Lombardi as his career comes to a close. Some might simply be thrown off by the injuries, which have cost Romo all but five games over the past two seasons.

As it stands, the Broncos themselves don’t even seem to be in the internal conversation stage when it comes to the possibility of bringing Romo in.

If the veteran doesn’t land in either Houston or Denver, it will surely put him in an unenviable position. None of the other quarterback-needy teams are near contention status. Of course, that could change should the Washington Redskins ultimately trade Kirk Cousins to San Francisco.

Either way, the entire Romo drama doesn’t seem to be coming to a culmination as free agency opens up around the NFL. Expect a lot more news on this front.