LeSean McCoy

Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy met with the Philadelphia DA’s office on Tuesday after he initially showed some unhappiness over the meeting being released to the press.

The meeting was in relation to an incident involving McCoy and several off-duty Philadelphia police officers at one of the city’s many night clubs.

A member of McCoy’s entourage allegedly fought one of the officers for ownership of a bottle of champagne that was purchased at the club. A brawl between the two sides reportedly followed.

After initial indications that the DA’s office was going to seek an arrest warrant for McCoy, it was later reported that the individual in charge of the case was “pushing back” on issuing said warrant.

The actions of the off-duty police officers have since been called into question.

Despite all this, it appears that the Bills are preparing for the possibility that McCoy might miss “several” games to start the 2016 campaign:

Charges don’t necessarily have to be filed in order for McCoy to face the wrath of an ever-overreaching National Football League and commissioner Roger Goodell.

Though, the league would have a heck of a time explaining any suspension if the DA’s office in Philadelphia concludes that McCoy didn’t commit a crime during the altercation.

What we do know is that Buffalo would likely already be looking at adding a running back in the offseason.

McCoy missed four games due to myriad injuries that hampered him throughout the 2015 season. Meanwhile, rookie running back Karlos Williams found himself sidelined five games with a concussion.

This left Buffalo incredibly thin at running back as it was attempting to end a 17-year playoff drought late in the season.

Regardless of McCoy’s off-field issues, the Bills would be smart to actually look for some insurance here.

Though, the report by NFL’s Media’s Ian Rapoport seemed to suggest that Buffalo’s contingency plan is based more on the incident McCoy was allegedly involved in early this month.

Whether they know something we don’t. Well, that’s a completely different story.