What has ex-NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens spent 11 years of salary on? Apparently, he’s flat broke with a net worth of $0.

Reports show Owens earning $66.8 million over his 11-year career with the NFL. Well, it looks like all his dough is going to support babies, and mamas and baby-mamas, as reported by Celebrity Net worth.

In documents submitted to the judge, Terrell described how he is currently required to pay nearly $60,000 a month to four different baby mamas. He also pays $63,000 a month for all the homes that these women live in.

This kind of reminds me of a episode of the “Sister Wives.” If Owens had housed all his women and children together, it could have saved him tons of money over the years.

Courtesy: starcasm.net
Sister Wives

Although, this wouldn’t appear to add up to millions of bucks, Owens’ money seems to have vanished. If any NFL teams are still looking for a wide receiver, they can probably get a good bargain out of the 40-year-old Owens, whose main skill is pretty much football.

Maybe Owens, who had nearly 16,000 receiving yards and multiple Pro Bowls in his career, can be Josh Gordon’s replacement.

Photo: Huffington Post