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WATCH: Zion Williamson takes flight for insane alley-oop … off the backboard

Jesse Reed
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

New Orleans Pelicans big man Zion Williamson continues to defy the laws of physics while wowing NBA fans on a nightly basis.

On Friday night, Jrue Holiday was a bit off target on an alley-oop pass to Zion. The ball seemingly was too high and ended up hitting the top of the backboard, only Williamson somehow got up there, picked it off the glass and threw it down.

Check out this insane play.

Now here’s another angle that really accentuates just how ridiculous Zion was here.

This team is just so darn fun to watch now that Zion is healthy. All we can hope is that the Pelicans somehow find a way to win enough games to extend their season so everyone can enjoy this show a little bit longer in the playoffs.