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WATCH: Yankees-White Sox ‘Field of Dreams’ matchup stages epic pregame show

WATCH: Yankees-White Sox 'Field of Dreams' matchup stages epic pregame show
Aug 12, 2021; Dyersville, Iowa, USA; Fans gather before the game between the Chicago White Sox and the New York Yankees at Field of Dreams. Mandatory Credit: Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Thursday’s matchup between the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox was far from normal — like something out of a dream.

That’s because they were playing in Dyersville, Iowa, right next door to the site where the Kevin Costner-led iconic movie Field of Dreams was filmed more than three decades ago.

Oh yes, Costner was on hand for the pregame festivities, and did everything and everyone involved ever live up to the hype, courtesy of MLB on FOX:

This could’ve been a downright goofy idea and a desperate attempt to get more people interested in Major League Baseball. That’s probably, in some ways, how Field of Dreams could’ve turned out as a film if it were in different hands.

However, the merging of Hollywood and real professional sports is looking like a raging success. Even before the White Sox and Yankees stepped onto the field — yes, they recreated the epic scene from the movie where the players emerge from the cornfields — news has already surfaced that more Field of Dreams games could be in the pipeline.

Bringing two MLB clubs to a town that wouldn’t otherwise have the convenient means to take in professional baseball at the highest level is a win for everyone involved. Tie in the little bit of movie history, and it’s quite a combination.

It’ll be interesting to see how ratings for this one-of-a-kind baseball atmosphere play against the NFL preseason. If the numbers are strong, don’t be surprised to, indeed, see more Field of Dreams MLB action in the coming years.

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