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WATCH: Trae Young crosses over Andre Iguodala, drills game-tying three

Matt Johnson
Trae Young
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Coming off an impressive showing in Chicago, All-Star guard Trae Young entered the second half of the season rested and ready to unleash more crossover moves on opponents. It didn’t take him long, putting Miami Heat guard Andre Iguodala on the spin cycle then drilling a deep three from way behind the arc.

Iguodala saw Atlanta’s star guard coming up the court and thought it was the perfect opportunity to challenge him. Instead, Young hit him with a nasty crossover move that sent the 36-year-old stumbling back as Young pulled back and fired for the game-tying three.

This certainly isn’t the treatment Iguodala forced his way out of Memphis for. Of course, Young has a habit of crossing over defenders and he even humiliated James Harden in the All-Star Game. The 21-year-old is a treat to watch every time he takes the court and it’s easy to see why he’ll one day become of the faces of the NBA.