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WATCH: Tim Tebow gives all-time monologue on fighting for your dreams

Jesse Reed
Tim Tebow to the MLB this year? Why not

If you’re looking for some encouraging words to jump start your attitude and get you going this Monday morning, Tim Tebow has you covered.

On Sunday, the New York Mets outfielder was at the podium when he gave an all-time monologue about what drives him to pursue his dreams.

“I just feel for all the young people out there that don’t go after something because they’re so afraid of failing, that you’re going to live with a lot more regret than you would if you tried and failed. And I’m very passionate about that. And I think that the reason that a lot of people don’t go after things is because of how much you will be criticized. ‘What if I fall on my face?’ And so fear and doubt and all these things creep in. And I just don’t believe that’s the healthiest way to live. I don’t want have to live with fear and doubt every day. And regardless of what everyone here says about me, that doesn’t define me.”

That’s some special sauce right there.

Tebow’s determination to “not let others define” him, and his dedication to overcoming the fear of failure is an inspiration.