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Tom Brady left New England Patriots due to ‘deteriorating relationship’ with Josh McDaniels?

Jesse Reed
Tom Brady free agency
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There has been a lot of talk about why Tom Brady ultimately left the New England Patriots. Many have speculated Brady wanted to get away from Bill Belichick. There has been plenty of talk about Brady wanting to forge his own legacy without the legendary coach.

Now we’re hearing more about why Brady left the Patriots. It centers around a coach not named Belichick.

Tom Brady ‘worn out’ by Josh McDaniels

Gary Myers, the bestselling author, provided a unique look into why Brady left the Patriots. He shared information from “an excellent source” who indicated that Brady had a “deteriorating relationship” with offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels.

Myers also delved into some of the sideline blowups that Brady and McDaniels had. He said that things were “worse than that.” Myers said Brady wanted “more input” into the Patriots’ game plan, among other things.

None of this should be particularly surprising. Brady spent two full decades with the Patriots. He was with McDaniels for most of that time, barring the coach’s three-year time spent with the Denver Broncos and then St. Louis Rams.

Regardless of the exact reasons for leaving, Brady clearly does want a new start. He now has it in Tampa Bay. This breakup with the Patriots will be a story we will continue to follow with great interest in the months to come.