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St. Louis Cardinals to play three doubleheaders in five days

St. Louis Cardinals hat and glove
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Healthy members of the St. Louis Cardinals should be preparing themselves for a lot of baseball in the Windy City.

St. Louis has not played a single baseball game in over two weeks after a major outbreak of the COVID-19 virus within the organization. Its doubleheader against the Detroit Tigers slated for Thursday has been postponed as has Friday’s game against the Chicago White Sox.

Fret not, Cardinals fans, you’re going to see a lot of Redbirds games here in the not-so-distance future. Despite some more positive coronavirus tests, the Cards are set to make their way to Chicago (in rental cars) for a doubleheader Saturday.

If that does indeed happen, it will set up one of the craziest five-day spans for a team in professional sports history.

St. Louis Cardinals to play three doubleheaders in Chicago over five-day span

As noted, the first will come against the White Sox on Saturday. The latter two will take place against the division-rival Cubs at Wrigley Field on Monday and Wednesday.

We’d recommend some fine-dining options for Cardinals fans in Chicago, but that would be a cruel joke.

Regardless, this will be an absolutely brutal slate of action for a Cardinals team that’s missing a lot of its star power due to the above-mentioned positive tests. As of right now, St. Louis is tied with Chicago in the loss column in the National League Central but has won 10 less games.

Such is the nature of the beast during a Major League Baseball season that’s unlike any other.

At the very least, the Cards get to look forward to seven-inning matchups in each of their six doubleheader games during this span. Imagine reading that sentence with a straight face back in February.