Sports world reacts to Mike Leach ditching Wazzu for Mississippi State

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Stunning college football news broke Thursday, as Washington State head coach Mike Leach will reportedly be heading to the SEC to coach Mississippi State.

The news came as a shock because Leach had just signed an extension with Washington State to coach through the 2024 season in the middle of December.

Nevertheless, as we’ve seen so often in college football recently, the temptation of big money in a big conference was too sweet a scent for Leach to ignore.

As the news of this reported hire circulated on social media, the sports world provided many sublime reactions. Here are some of the best.

Same, Big Cat. Same.

Many pointed to the coming Lane Kiffin-Mike Leach rivalry that’s sure to develop.

Others were happy to focus on Leach’s unique mannerisms and supreme quote-worthiness.

Buckle up, Bulldogs fans. You’re in for a wild ride.