Report: Tom Brady frustrated with Patriots about Antonio Brown, Josh Gordon

Jesse Reed
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The New England Patriots have rostered two of the most talented receivers in the NFL recently, but both Antonio Brown and Josh Gordon have been let go. Tom Brady, per Ian Rapoport of NFL Media, is not thrilled with the way things have played out.

Per Rapoport, Brady is frustrated with the “turnover at receiver.”

The big thing that reportedly has Brady so frustrated is that he spent so much time and energy to help both Brown and Gordon get integrated into the Patriots’ offense. Now he has neither of them to play with on game days.

To be sure, New England had a legitimate reason to jettison Brown. He is still in the middle of an NFL investigation into multiple allegations by women who say he committed sexual misconduct. Then, he sent intimidating text messages to the second woman accusing him after her allegations came into the light.

The Josh Gordon situation is a bit more murky. He’s been injured, but the latest reports indicate he’ll be ready to play shortly, so it’s unclear exactly why the Patriots placed him on injured reserve and intend on releasing him.

The good news is that Brady has a new playmaker in Mohamed Sanu, who should be a big help down the stretch. Still, it’s hardly surprising that this veteran quarterback is dealing with frustration at losing these two playmakers.