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Report: Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez still working on bid to buy the Mets

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

It was noted back in the spring that the power couple of Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez dropped out of the bidding to buy the New York Mets from current owners Fred and Jeff Wilpon.

That no longer appears to be the case. According to Thornton McEnery of the New York Post, Rodriguez and Lopez have joined a group of senior bankers from JPMorgan Chase in coming up with a plan to buy the Mets.

McEnery notes that the music sensation and former AL MVP are willing to put in hundreds of millions of their own cash to purchase the New York based baseball team.

“According to insiders, the baseball legend and pop-star actress are putting in “hundreds of millions” of their own money to finally pry the Amazins’ free from the Wilpon family, who have become more eager than ever to unload the franchise thanks to COVID-19 making their precarious financial condition even more dire,” the report notes.

Billionaire Wayne Rothbaum was an original partner with the couple in an attempt to buy the Mets before he backed out. Given the current financial crisis in the United States, it’s also expected that the asking price for the Mets has decreased.

Rodriguez and Lopez are said to have a combined net worth of $750 million.