Red Sox to pay Dodgers $48 million in 18 installments following Mookie Betts trade

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Boston Red Sox fans still upset over the trade of former AL MVP Mookie Betts to the Los Angeles Dodgers should probably exit out of this article immediately.

As part of the trade, Boston agreed to send Los Angeles a whopping $48 million to help offset the salaries of Betts and pitcher David Price.

As cash-strapped as they apparently are, the Sox are not going to make this payment in one lump sum. It’s going to come in 18 installments of $2,666,667 million over the next three years, per the Associated Press (h/t Sportsnet).

This might not be Bobby Bonilla still collecting an annual check from the New York Mets, but it’s darn close.

One of the primary reason Boston sold off two of its best players for pennies on the dollar is that the team’s ownership wanted to get under the luxury tax and save money.

It’s not going to sit well with Red Sox fan. This little factoid won’t help matters, either.