Presidential candidate blasts NCAA over James Wiseman suspension

Memphis' James Wiseman during National Anthem
Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang spent Wednesday debating with other potential nominees in the race for the White House.

The longshot candidate then decided to take on the NCAA one day after the fact. Speaking specifically about the governing body’s decision to suspend Memphis center James Wiseman for 12 games, Yang took a major shot at the NCAA.

“Oh my gosh, come on! Let James Wiseman freaking play,” Yang told TMZ Sports. “We should be paying NCAA athletes on the regular instead of cutting them off!”

Not only was Wiseman suspended 12 games, the NCAA is making him donate $11,500 to a charity of his choice. This comes after it found out that Memphis head coach Penny Hardaway helped the then high school student and his family relocate to Tennessee to attend Memphis.

Needless to say, Wednesday’s decision received a ton of push back from those around the sports world.

If Yang were to win the nomination and unseat Donald Trump, proponents of college athletes getting paid would have a friend in the White House.

Unfortunately for those people, Yang is currently polling at 2% in the Democratic primary.