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NFL MVP Lamar Jackson reveals what he eats before every game

Jesse Reed
Lamar Jackson
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson won the NFL MVP award in his second season, and now we know the secret sauce behind his success.

Here’s a hint: Jackson eats the same meal before every single game. It’s a trend that started in his high school playing days and has continued into his pro career.

Lamar Jackson eats Shrimp Alfredo before every game

When Jackson was in high school in Boynton Beach, Florida, his team would have pasta nights before every Friday night game. He told CNBC Make It that he has continued the trend to this day and has the same pasta meal every night before his NFL games.

“Shrimp Alfredo, that’s my meal before the game,” Jackson said, speaking with CNBC Make It. “They say [pasta] helps your brain. I feel like I go out with a level head and I can think” after eating the Shrimp Alfredo meal.

Jackson also said “I wouldn’t call it a good luck meal but I guess it is.”

The Ravens star quarterback won a Heisman Trophy at Louisville. Then he won NFL MVP (in a unanimous vote) in his first full year as the starter in Baltimore. Needless to say, his habit of eating Shrimp Alfredo before games seems to be working well for him.

Looking ahead to the 2020 season, he and the Ravens are set up to continue flying high.