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NFL investigating multiple players for gambling violations

Isaiah Rodgers may be taking the brunt of the blame right now, but the Indianapolis Colts cornerback isn’t the only active NFL player being investigated for a violation of the league’s sports gambling policy.

After the Detroit Lions were under the microscope earlier this offseason due to Jameson Williams and three others being suspended for similar infractions, more reports emerged of the league investigating a fifth player from the Detroit franchise. Yet, we’ve yet to hear more about that situation.

Unless that’s what NFL insider Albert Breer is hinting about in his latest piece for Sports Illustrated on Tuesday. Breer reveals that Rodgers isn’t the only active NFL player currently being investigated for violating the sport’s gambling policy.

Breer indicates “a number” of players could be implicated across the league, not just Rodgers or the others who have already faced penalties. In other words, this is far from the last we’ll hear from the league about sports gambling violations in the NFL.

The NFL is being careful with how they want to proceed, knowing whatever punishments they hand down now could potentially set the tone for future gambling penalties.

So far, wide receiver Calvin Ridley has faced the stiffest penalty, where he was suspended for the entire 2022 season after making bets during the previous year. We should know soon enough whether Rodgers’ alleged violations are deemed to be worse than Ridley’s by the league office.

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