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LOOK: Joel Embiid names dog after former Sixers general manager

Vincent Frank
Joel Embiid

Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid is one of a kind. He’ll never be duplicated. And in reality, the world is only big enough for one Mr. Embiid.

The All-Star’s latest escapade is a prime example of this. Embiid took to social media Monday evening to show us a photo of his dog in a new bed.

No big deal, right? That’s until we realize what Embiid named the cute little puppy.

Klaus Hinkie De Paula Embiid. Get it?

Embiid legitimately named his dog after former Sixers general manager Sam Hinkie. Trust the Process, indeed.

Hinkie is known for being the brains behind Philadelphia’s long-term rebuild plan before he was jettisoned from the organization back in 2016.

Selecting Embiid No. 1 overall back 2014 was a big part of that rebuild. Hence, “he died for our sins.”

Gotta love Joel.