Lions taking extreme measures to deal with potential hiccups during NFL Draft

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Lions have a dedicated Director of IT, who’s taking extreme measures to ensure his team doesn’t have any debilitating hiccups during the completely virtual 2020 NFL Draft.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter shared on Tuesday that Steve Lancaster, who leads Detroit’s IT department, will be hanging out in a Winnebago parked in general manager Bob Quinn’s driveway for all hours of the three-day draft to deal with any technical issues. Then, after the draft concludes every day, he’ll go home — only to start anew the next day.

Hopefully the Winnebago is stocked with snacks and beverages of the caffeinated variety, for Lancaster’s sake.

The NFL conducted a mock draft on Monday that wasn’t without challenges. Communication was an issue, along with band width problems, leading to a funny, relatable problem for one head coach who has small children.

So, these measures taken by the Lions ahead of the draft aren’t exactly unfounded.