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WATCH: Jesse Winker hit by pitch, leading to bench-clearing brawl between Mariners-Angels

Andrew Buller-Russ

As the temperatures continue to rise as summer rages on, naturally, tempers are just as likely to heat up. That example was on full display on Sunday afternoon with the Seattle Mariners in town at Angel Stadium of Anaheim to play the Los Angeles Angels. Things were going swimmingly until Angels pitcher Andrew Wantz beaned Jesse Winker, the Mariners’ left fielder, leading to an all-out throwdown in the form of a baseball brawl.

Tensions were likely already high heading into the game with the Angels being disturbed about Mike Trout nearly being hit in the head during the ninth inning of Saturday’s matchup.

Punches thrown in baseball brawl

Winker, as can be seen below in the video, clearly didn’t take a liking to being hit with a 90+ mph baseball. Most people wouldn’t. But they don’t usually charge the mound in response. Not Winker, or at least not today.

While Wantz drilling Winker was certainly an accident, Winker wasn’t having any of it. He wanted to fight.

And apparently, he wasn’t the only one.

Here’s a clip of the brouhaha that ensued.

Sometimes you’ll see benches clearing with nothing actually happening. That wasn’t the case in Anaheim on Sunday, with several players of both sides getting in on the action, throwing punches at each other.

And another angle, as shared by Sarah Valenzuela

A total of six players were ejected from the game, including both managers and further player suspensions are expected to follow, likely announced in the next few days. Both teams are expected to be impacted by suspension, but this is the final game of the three-game series between the Mariners and Angels.

Here’s the full list of who was ejected on Sunday:

  • Andrew Wantz, pitcher, Angels
  • Jesse Winker, left fielder, Mariners
  • Phil Nevin, manager, Angels
  • Scott Servais, manager, Mariners
  • Raisel Iglesias, pitcher, Angels
  • Ryan Tepera, pitcher, Angels
  • Julio Rodriguez, outfielder, Mariners
  • JP Crawford, shortstop, Mariners

The Angels will take on the visiting Chicago White Sox for a three-game series starting tomorrow, and the Mariners take on the visiting Baltimore Orioles for a three-game set beginning tomorrow as well. Though, their actions from today could leave both the Mariners and Angels a bit short-handed heading into their next matchup.

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