J.J. Watt provides amazing update on Hurricane recovery

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Back in 2017, Houston Texans star defensive end J.J. Watt tried to do something to help the local community after Hurricane Harvey ravaged the city and its surrounding areas.

The idea was simple. Start an online campaign to raise $200,000 for those in need and hope it goes viral. That’s exactly what happened. When all was said and done, Watt helped raise a whopping $36 million.

Two years after the natural disaster and Watt’s altruistic offerings, the former Defensive Player of the Year has provided an update. It’s absolutely amazing.

Watt notes that the campaign has helped rebuild 1,100 homes. Meanwhile, 108,000 children have been helped by after-school programs and nearly 1,000 childcare centers have opened.

If that weren’t enough, the relief fund has served nearly 240 million meals to those in need.

This is a story we can all get behind during these divisive times. Americans helping fellow Americans in need. Those in a position of power working with others to better the lives of those impacted by tragedy.

We obviously have a lot of respect for Mr. Watt. He stood up and served his local community in the best way possible. Watt didn’t do it for press or brownie points.

He made sure that those impacted the most had the help they needed to overcome a life-altering event.

With another Hurricane likely to hit the United States this weekend, it’s a life lesson we can all learn from.